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Lithium ion batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jetskis, buses, medical wheelchairs and more


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International sales of top quality Lithium-ion Batteries, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Alternate Energy Project Components, Inboard and Outboard Electric Marine Propulsion Systems and more.

Deep cycle and engine start batteries from 130 amp hours to 1,260 lithium amp hours capacity. 12 Volts to 400 Volts.
High efficiency solar panels by SunPower, Solbian, HES and Solar EV/ Helios Solar Power

We specialize in high performance deep cycle lithium-ion batteries by the lithium-ion battery industry leader, Lithionics Battery and their Florida, USA factory.

Are you looking to to repower your sailboat or yacht with an electric marine engine? If your answer is "Yes" check out the American made Elco Motor Yachts electric inboard and outboard marine motors for boats, sailboats and yachts of all types from 5 horsepower to 100 horespower. Visit our Elco webpage here.

Consult with us for an "engineered" solution that understands your needs and performs a detailed analysis of all of your electrical equipment so that we can properly specify the system that is right for you.
Whether your project involves an RV, vessel or solar power system, we have everything that you need including super safe lithium-ion batteries, high power inverter-chargers, diesel AC and DC generators, solar panels etc., high power alternators and more.
Canada, the USA and International orders welcome.


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Elco Electric Yachts
Top quality, super efficient marine inboard electric motors for yachts and sailboats
Lightweight, powerful electric outboard engines for sailboats and smaller boats. Elco electric outboard motors are the affordable, reliable alternative to Torqeedo electric outboard marine engines.

Elco EP-9.9RL
10 h.p. electric outboard motor

Elco EP-14
14 h.p. electric outboard motor

Elco Electric Yachts also offers highly efficient, cost effective inboard DC Electric Marine Engines. Choose from 6 different models for sailboats, yachts and pleasure craft measuring from 20 feet to 100 feet or more. These purely electric or hybrid electic motors replace diesel engines with Horsepower Ratings from 6 HP to 125 HP and higher. We can also run twin electric motors to increase power or for certain yachts with twin engines as well as catamarans.
Contact Pinnacle Innovations at 604-510-0800 - serving the Pacific Northwest and all of Canada.

Elco Electric Yachts

Pinnacle Innovations also Owns and Operates these Lithium-ion Battery Websites:

Need Lithium
We at Pinnacle Innovations are proud to offer the industry leading Lithionics lithium-ion batteries for all types of projects including recreational vehicles, marine deep cycle and solar power. International Sales Welcome!

Get Lithium Ion Batteries
Efficient, light weight and long lasting lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 - chemical name and is the safest form of "lithium batteries") deep cycle house power batteries. Whether you have an RV, solar project, yacht or sailboat, we always take a total systems approach to understand your needs and specify the correct system and related components for an optimal and safe storage system.

Get Lithium
We offer the industry leading, American made Lithionics Battery brand of super safe and compact lithium-ion (LiFePo4) batteries for recreational vehicles, yachts, industrial projects and solar power/ off-grid energy systems.

Is it time to look at upgrading your inefficient or aging lead-acid or AGM batteries in your RV or boat? We do a thorough analysis of each project to identify all of the variables and understand your needs. We find that this is the best way to repower your project with lithium-ion batteries.

Got Lithium
Do you need to replace aging or defective lead-acid or AGM batteries? Get in touch with us and we can eplain all of the benefits of upgrading to the best lithium batteries available.
International Sales of Lithionics Battery lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries for all makes and models of Boats and Yachts including Sailboats, Electric Marine Propulsion Projects and Recreational Vehicles including Class A, Class B, Class C, RV fifth wheel trailers, Van Conversions and more.

The industry's best lithium-ion (sometimes called LFP batteries) batteries for all makes and models of RVs from Class A to C, Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van conversions, RV trailers and more. We also specilaize in MArine lithium battery upgrades.

Is it time to consider upgrading your project to superior lithium-ion batteries? Let us show you the best way to approach your project where safety is always priority #1.
Lithionics Battery sales for all types of applications.

Get Lithium

Let us show you the best and safest way to consider/ review a powerful, compact and high performance lithium-ion battery system for your Recreational Vehicle of any type, Marine Project or your Off-Grid Solar Panel System.

North Shore Style Freeride and Downhill Mountain Bike Videos

Pinnacle Innovations also Manages these Client Websites:

With a fully equipped in-house engine machine shop we can help you with all of your car and light truck engine remanufacturing needs. Imports and Domestics welcome. Visit the shop Canada Engines Ltd. located in Surrey, BC, Canada

If you need service or engine rebuilding on your Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350 or larger Ford truck engine they will be happy to help from their Surrey, BC, Canada location at Canada Engines Ltd. Service available for Ford E-Series vans as well.

F250 is the fully equipped repair and engine building shop to get help for your Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350 and larger Ford truck engines. Whether your engine needs minor service or or a full engine rebuild they will be able to assist you. With a huge inventory of in-stock long and short blocks we can either offer you an off-the-shelf solution or look at remanufacturing your own engine.
Operated in Surrey, BC, Canada by Canada
Service is also available for Ford E-Series vans.

Mini Van
Canada Engines in Surrey, BC Canada will be happy to help with all of your Mini Van needs from tuneups and brake work to factory specification engine remanufacturing on all major makes of minivans.

Small Block
Visit Canada Engines in Surrey, BC, Canada for all of your small block Chevrolet engine needs for cars and trucks. Big block engines welcome too! With a huge inventory of long and short block Chevrolet/ GMC engines we can also offer a fast turn around time.

Do you drive a classic hotrod? in the Vancouver Fraser Valley/ Surrey/ Langely specialize in building high performance "crate engines" for all makes of hotrods including Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford.


OutBack Power Off-grid and solar power electrical systems for cabins, homes, recreational properties, commercial projects and more...

We offer OutBack's complete line of products including:

  • OutBack Radian Series
  • Off-Grid Inverter Chargers for Homes, RV and Marine
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • MATE and MATE2 Inverter Controllers
  • Grid and Hybrid Energy Solutions
  • Complete and Ready to Install Pre-wired and Tested E-Panels and more...
Give us a call at 604-510-0800 or send us an email for more information and a quote on specific components, a prewired and tested system or a complete solar energy system complete with 98% efficient lithium-ion batteries.

Find out more on our Solar Power Page here...

Be sure to check our "Overview of our Lithium-ion Batteries" page.

There you can find out about all the advantages of using our Lithium-ion Batteries from Lithionics Battery, as well as determine what battery will replace your existing lead-acid battery.

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